Al Harrington

Professional NBA Basketball Player, Denver Nuggets

“As a professional basketball player, I need to recuperate quickly after games to be ready for the next one. The BodiCharger has enhanced my performance allowing me to re-charge with more energy for the next contest. In addition, traveling from one city to the next is tiring. I have found the BodiCharger helps me recuperate from different time zones faster. The BodiCharger has definitely enhanced my performance in the NBA.”


Beibut Shumenov

WBA-IBA Light Heavyweight, World Boxing Champion

“I felt like I had more energy and endurance by using BodiCharger.”

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Mark “The Machine” Hominick

UFC Featherweight Fighter, 9-Time Canadian Champion

“I felt that my conditioning was at its peak performance largely, in part, due to the BodiCharger.”

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Raluca Olaru

World-Ranked Professional Tennis Player

“I had been struggling with hip pain which was really affecting my performance and my ability to concentrate properly on my game. After only 4 days of treatment on the BodiCharger my pain was completely relieved. I’ve been wearing my portable BodyCharger ever since and I’ve really noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy levels in between matches, and especially when traveling.”


Dr. Randa Bascharon, DO

Founder, Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute LV

“I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from my patients that use the BodiCharger device. I believe in the BodiCharger so much that I use it daily and recommend it to all of my patients and athletes.”


Ray Sefo

6-Time World Kickboxing Champion, Hall-of-Fame

“January 2011 I started using BodiCharger. I swear by it; it’s a great product. It works.”

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Victor Popov, PT

Sports Physiotherapist, Australian Olympic Athletics

“In all my years of being a physiotherapist to high-profile athletes and sports teams, the BodiCharger Sports Enhancer is unlike anything I’ve come across before. Many athletes who i have used the BodiCharger on find it significantly aids their recovery from training, competition and travel.”


Nick Fazekas

NBA Basketball player, Dallas Mavericks 2007-08

3 time All WAC Conference Player of the Year

“Two months after ankle surgery, my ankle was still severely swollen with joint effusion and I was unable to walk without a significant limp. Within 3 sessions on the BodiHealth device, swelling in my ankle had decreased 3-4 cm and I was able to walk and sleep without pain. I now wear my BodiCharger daily to keep me playing at my best.”

Robbie McEwen

Professional Cyclist

“On April 20th, 2010., Australian Cyclist Robbie McEwen twittered his network to check out the BodiHealth and BodiCharger because they helped him recover from his injury and surgery and train for the 2010 Tour de France.”

Ruben Xaus

World Superbike Competitor

“I wear the BodiCharger regularly, because it helps me physically and mentally. It helps with my pain from injuries and keeps me calm and rejuvenated, which allows me to focus on my racing.”


Steve Dank

High Performance Manager, Manly Warringah Rubgy League Football Club

“The BodiCharger Sports Enhancer has been a vital adjunct to our recovery protocols for both training and flying in our successful attempt in winning the World Cup Challenge. The use of these units has given us quicker recovery and helped us combat a rigorous training load and a long haul flight when we had such a shortened and compromised preparation.”


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