The BodiCharger Sports Enhancer is a portable ultra-low frequency device, delivering energy that is compatible with the naturally occurring electrical currents of the human body. The device utilizes Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT), a patented process that produces a waveform, which moves electrons through the body at a frequency and current output lower than any device presently on the market. The BodiCharger device delivers currents ranging from nanoAmperes down to atoAmperes. These current ranges are optimum to increase endurance and enhance focus, and thus providing the basis for peak performance. The human body runs on energy much the same as any electrical system. There are about 75 trillion cells in a human body, each having an electrical potential across its cell membrane, similar to a battery. Each cell in our body acts like a miniature battery, which may need recharging from time to time. The BodiCharger can assist to recharge the body’s energy systems for optimum performance and a quicker recovery.


How it is applied

The Bodicharger Sports Enchancer is powered by a standard 9 volt battery. The unit is so conveniently compact that it can be worn during most workouts, carried in a pocket or clipped on to a belt and worn as you go about your daily life.  Wearing the unit at night is especially beneficial to assist with cellular repair and recovery.


Water is utilized as a conductive medium in order to conduct the current through the body.  This is achieved by applying two moist foam wraps to either the arms, wrists, feet or ankles.  A small electrode is then attached to each wrap.  The device can be set to run ONE CYCLE (23 minutes) or continuously.  The device is safe, easy to use and free of side effects.



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